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Melissa Dhillon

Performance Psychologist
Accredited Sports and Exercise Scientist (Psychology)



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Melissa Dhillon is dedicated to elevating athletes to supreme levels of confidence, resilience, focus, and optimism, thereby enhancing their inspired performances. Her deep-rooted passion for psychology finds its origins in her distinguished tennis career as an LTA player. This firsthand experience provides her with a unique understanding of the challenges athletes face.

With firsthand experience as a tennis athlete, Melissa brings a unique perspective to her role as a performance psychologist for elite sports and high-performance businesses. Her passion for psychology, cultivated during her tennis career, fuels her commitment to empowering athletes with the mental resilience needed for success.

She is a distinguished alumna of Loughborough University and boasts six years of practical experience. Melissa combines academic excellence with practical insights, providing a well-rounded approach to performance psychology. Her mission is to equip athletes and high-performance professionals with the mental tools necessary to transcend limitations and achieve peak performance.

Her expertise extends to collaborations with renowned sports entities, including Birmingham City Women’s & Girls FC, University of Warwick, Salford City FC, Birmingham City University, Bristol Rovers FC, and Walsall FC. Melissa is actively involved in one-to-one coaching for ITF & LTA tennis players and has successfully worked with English League footballers, Alps Tour golfers, and gymnast Olympians.

Melissa is the driving force behind her Performance Psychology consultancy, “In the Zone (itz),” which holds seven national and international partnerships with esteemed organizations in sports and business, such as Julius Baer and the Aston Villa FC Foundation. At Julius Baer, Melissa played a pivotal role in transforming, growing, and enhancing talent performance by addressing both physical and mental capacities.

“My vision is to inspire individuals to be the best version of themselves,” encapsulates Melissa’s commitment to driving positive change through her expertise in performance psychology.

Our story? It’s one of passion, resilience, and the unwavering belief that every athlete possesses an untapped well of potential. At Athletes in the Zone, we aren’t just guides; we’re co-pilots on your extraordinary journey. Your success isn’t just our mission; it’s our shared destination. Dive into the extraordinary with us. This is Athletes in the Zone.

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Everything about my game was mental  

“In my youth, my defeats came from perceiving pressure as a threat whereby I stopped believing in myself. I overcame this by understanding that the greatest individuals in life were built by pressure. I needed to thrive under pressure not survive which meant taking care of myself mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically to become stronger with dealing with stress. My wins came from mastering competency through consistent discipline actions of growing every single day.

In my senior years, my self-doubts and anxiety worked against me resulting in my losses. Focusing on my true accomplishments, values and processed goals resolved my doubts about my potential. A big part of my successes in tennis came through training to become supremely focused and developing the resiliency to fight back. I think becoming an individual who is seriously obsessed with achieving the result, has helped both in tennis and in life.

Now with what I have learned, I help youth and senior athletes with enhancing their performance and potential in sports and life. I guide individuals to learn more about how they can be in their best psychological state of mind. I absolutely enjoy connecting with individuals and providing them with my love and energy. I continue to explore the power of intuition in sports and life. I believe this real depth awareness in us has a big impact on our outcomes”

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